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A new chapter is coming


in the meantime...


Q: Is the gym closed for good?

Yes and no! Diamond's Malibu Gym as we know it on Kanan Rd and PCH is officially closed for business as of Monday, December 5, 2022 at 7:00pm. However, we do have a new location in the works on Old Malibu Road that we are extremely excited about!

Q: When do you think you'll reopen?

It is our hope that we will be reopening in our new location sometime early January 2023. Nothing is set in stone, but we will be continuing to update this page as well as send out updates via our mailing list (join below) as they become available.

Q: What's happening to our memberships?

We have gone through and placed freezes on every single active account and contract. These freezes are indefinite, meaning they will remain in place until you choose to reinstate your membership and contract. As an additional precaution, we have removed all stored payment information from all accounts to guarantee that in the event of an unforeseen software malfunction resulting in an unwanted contract renewal, it will be impossible for any member's bank account or credit card to be charged. Diamond's Malibu Gym has initiated returns for all contracts that were billed between 12/01/22 and the day we received official closing notice 12/04/22. Charges scheduled for 12/05-12/06 have been cancelled.

For example: Client A had a month contract expiration date of 12/20/22. Diamond's Malibu Gym placed a suspension on the contract as of 12/06/22, meaning Client A has 2 weeks of unused membership. These two weeks will be viable indefinitely. Once Client A decides to join at the new location, they will have 2 weeks until they need to renew their membership.

Q: Are the hours and membership prices going to be the same?

We do not have many concrete details at the moment. However, at this time, we will be keeping our same business hours of Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and Sat-Sun 8am-5pm, as well as our membership prices once we reopen. Any changes will be announced as decisions are finalized.



Any and all questions can be directed to We thank you in advance for your patience as we filter through the high volume of emails and correspondence during an already busy time of transition.


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