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DMG is very excited and proud to welcome Pilates instructor and founder of Malibu Beach Pilates, Diana Nicholson into our fitness family:


New York born Pilates Instructor Diana Nicholson has lived and worked in Malibu for more than two decades. A strong pillar in the community and a local treasure, Diana’s passion for a holistic approach to fitness and a healthy lifestyle has lead her to to work and train with the best in the field. 

Working with, CEO’s, models, celebrities, to look and feel their best to helping top athletes getting back into the game post injury, Diana’s client list is as illustrious as it is confidential. 

The focus of Diana’s Pilates practice is “Caring.” Her precise and concentrated program will navigate you through a varied repertoire of biomechanically correct exercises. It offers deep core strengthening, pays special attention to your weak links and strengthens the muscles around all movable joints. 

Pilates true value lies in its anti-aging and performance enhancement abilities. Integrating Pilates into your every day life will make you strong yet flexible, and you will feel more comfortable in your body. Diana works with her clients to achieve as much balance as possible to create unrestricted flow of the integrated spirit, soul, body and mind.

Currently 1:1 sessions available only!

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