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The local institution originally named Malibu Gym first opened its door in 1989 as one of the first fitness centers specifically catered to the Malibu community. Among some of its first staff and trainers, was a young man named Diamond.

When it was announced that the gym was for sale after a 24-year run, Diamond realized that someone needed to step up and look out for the members as people, and protect the gym from buyers who would otherwise cater to large companies or non-locals. He recognized that this specific facility had established such a friendly and loyal community of members compared to any others he had worked at, and knew he had be the one to take over for his gym family.

Since then, Diamond and his team have worked tirelessly to uphold the core values that everyone who walks through our doors is to be treated as family, as a person with their own story and needs, and that they can rest assured they will be walking into one of the best equipped and friendliest gyms in LA.


His tireless dedication to this community is what makes this gym and everyone who walks into it a success.

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